Accidents happen.

Don't pay the price for them.


If your company works with any type of hazardous chemicals, from pool chemicals to oil field chemicals, FastMats is your solution for your secondary containment needs. 

FastMats, the portable, durable, compact containment mat, is able to withstand harsh chemicals and the ever-changing environmental regulations. FastMats is the only solution that’s been time-tested in the harshest heat of the Permian Basin to the frigid cold of Pennsylvania. 

When you need a solution, FastMats is the answer. 

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FastMats are durable with drive-in capability and absolutely no setup charge.  Our product is completely customizable, with the ability to meet your specific needs no matter the size or volume of the chemicals you use. You can be certain FastMats is the best option for chemical containment.  

All of our products are proudly produced in the USA, and come with quality assurance so you can rest easy knowing FastMats is doing the work to protect you and your business. 

No matter how hard you try, leaks, drips, splatters and spills come with the territory of your occupation.  You know better than anyone that danger arrises when these types of accidents happen.  Let FastMats provide a faster, smarter, safer solution to protect your business and the environment, in the process.  

When it comes to containment, the only option is FastMats